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The Late Queen

What are you thinking?

6 September
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35. Ph.D candidate (woo baby!) in Linguistics. Apparently addicted to education. Lives in the desert. Really likes it. Grand view of the mountains. The almost-pink mountains.

Sleeps a lot. Reads voraciously. Hunts down music of all types. Does miscellaneous computer stuff. Rarely cleans. Writes, original and fanfic stuff. Current obsessions: Bleach (anime and manga), Supernatural, BSSM. Fandoms, past and present: Babylon 5, Bleach, Farscape, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supernatural, etc. Something of an icon addict. Fic in memories.

Slave to cats, Isadora Ebisu and Athena (someday she'll have a last name).

Rather addicted to LJ. Friending policy: friend away! (Though...why? ;) ) Fandom posts are usually filtered, so if you're interested in that stuff, please comment to be added.

Amusing Stupid Ichigo Faces moodtheme from raynos. Hearts to the 'Pea!

accent mark lengthening, acronym expansion, adorably messy hair, alburquerque, androgyny, anglo-saxon stuff, angst, anti-marriage protection week, asian calligraphy, autumn breezes, avoiding zombie attacks, awkward realistic sex, being a bitter bitch, berserk, bisexuality, bitch coated marshmallow, bleach marrieds, blowing matt, bookstores, braiding, bétroot!, chatting, cheerleading for porn, colbert/stewart and vice-versa, comic books, cowboy bebop, currypants, dancing in the rain, dean's mouth, dennis l. mckiernan, diacritics, dies irae, doujinshi, editing, equal opportunity oogler, essays in idleness, ewan mcgregor, eyes, fairy tales, fandom calling sam "sammy", fanfiction, farscape, five a.m., folklore, fruits basket, geeks, gensen, george r r martin, glen cook, guns, hard boiled detectives, history, homosexuality, ichigo/rukia/renji, india ink, insomnia, intelligence in people, japanese language and culture, je ne sais qua, je-chun's hot flame, jesus christ superstar, john barnes, junko's smile, kittens, kora's blinding cuteness, kt's robot hand, kubotite owns my soul, legends, life is not fair, linguistics, long linty hair, lucius's pimp cane, metafiction, monastic lifestyles, moonlight, mysterious men, mythos, myths, needs moar frequency, neil gaiman, ninjas, nutrek, obi-wan kenobi, oh dean, oniisama e, pain, paul's writing skillz, polyamory, pop culture references, power behind the throne, radiohead, rakkaus on teonsana, rambling, random silliness, religious mysticism in general, resa's hot sexiness, rukia/ichigo, sammy's second kid brattiness, sandia peak, scented oils, science fiction, second amendment, sex, shena ringo, shoujo ai, shounen ai, singing everywhere and anywhere, sleeping in, smoking too long, smoking too much, sneaker pimps, spanish language and culture, speculative fiction, spirituality, stark scenes, stephen colbert, stewart/colbert ge lovechild, storytelling, stroking the wax of memory, sunrises, sunsets on the sandias, supernatural, surrealism, sword squee, tenkuu no escaflowne, terry pratchett, the daily show, the fist of ai, the gloaming, the sane self-insert, the secret life, the thom dance, they fight crime!, threesomes for world peace, thunderstorms, too many interests, trivial pursuit, tropper and haugott, urban fantasy, useless trivia, using big words, walking, wanting to be ayla, watching ichigo grow, whore for orange hair, women with minds, writing smut, writing the epic