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Mar. 15th, 2015

locke+knife OTP!!!_miggy

It must be said, every year~

Beware the IDES OF MARCH!

Though generally not so late in the day, but I should've beworn March period, it seems. The trees are all in bloom! Why do the insides of my ears suddenly feel swollen? ...ah.

Nov. 29th, 2014

Snark and Pain

Ten and the Time Zones

I have a cold. Or the start of one, I'm not really sure; I woke up with a sinus headache and a sore throat, but both of those things have receded, and so it may just be a...temporary swelling of the nasal passages? A reaction to the weather heating up by, like, twenty degrees overnight? Who knows. It just is, and time will tell if it stays as is or becomes something more.

This is not helping with the time zone confusion.

I'm in Central, now. I live in Mountain, normally. That's a one hour difference. It really feels like I should not have this much of an issue with a one hour difference.

Except that sometimes I forget to do a bounce between conversions in my head, or when I'm using a device whose time I don't change.

Say my buddy Wolfy, in EST, calls me as he gets off work to see if I want to game tonight. Often in MST, this will happen about 11:00, 11:15. However, if I try to carry those hours over to CST, then he would probably be calling a bit after midnight. However, my brain - cold or not - tends to forget that last bounce of "hour forward!" in calculating things, and then I become super confused about this whole phone call thing 'cause wait, isn't it a bit late? But no! I'm just late! It's just on me!

I don't change the time or time zone for the 360, either. Often, this means I'll ask Vlad or Susie, depending on who is online, what the time is. Because it is too hard to remember what to add.

I would like to be all, "All of this will get straightened out within a week!" but truth be told...I'm not sure if it will. Eh-heh. ^^;;;

Nov. 28th, 2014

Minecraft sheep

Ten and Taking the Dog on Car Rides

Bayer is a Lab/Chow mix belonging to my sister. He is, in house terms, the Big Dog, though he's a compact 70 or so pounds. He is fluffy and sweet (if sometimes an asshole), and the fur of his face lays flat in such a way that his eyes, aside from being large and brown, have remarkable expression to them. There is a certain amount of cat to him, it feels like: he likes to wedge himself into small spaces, and he'll come seeking affection sometimes and have a certain aloofness at others. He is, overall, a Good Boy, even if he sheds large black clumps of fur and really would like to chase my cat Athena down more than just the hallway.

On Tuesday, when I awoke to the world again, I took him on a car ride.

It was just a short trot out with the car, a bit like walkies for Ezio, and I figured since I took the dog's spot by showing up, I might as well take him for a drive, because he looooves drives. He even knows the right seats to sit in and everything, as he joined me in the front seat, face permanently wedged out the window. He even got a surprise biscuit for coming along with me.

Of course, now that it happened once, it can happen again, right? So when I step outside for "terrain appreciation" or what have you, Bayer is there with me. He trots right out and up to the car and gives me a look like, "We're going, right?"

...I almost took him out last night, except I didn't know when my sister would be home, and disturbing the routine of her homecoming by taking her dog would've caused some friction. But he enjoys them, and I enjoy - in a weird, undefineable way - the company. Even if it means open windows in cold weather and some very strict speed limits.

Nov. 27th, 2014


Ten and the Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Despite the origins of Turkey Day, I enjoy it an awful lot; holidays in my family tend to be kind of low-key as it is, but Turkey Day is even easier than that, usually. Plus I generally get to see my stepdad's side of the family, who are adorable and a little bit snarky and not terribly serious about things, which makes for a pretty chill dinner.

The dinner - well, lunch, really - was at my Aunt and Not-Quite-Uncle's, and when we walked in, half of the family was on Skype. And as me, Mom and Stepdad got settled, N-Q-Uncle was like, "Hey, wanna take a look at these long medical reports?"

Within five minutes, my parents + Aunt and N-Q-Uncle were clustered around my laptop as my Mom explained what each CT scan showed, all the while the grandparents were talking to their youngins by Skype in the next room.

N-Q-Uncle later got a consult from Uncle S about financial stuff. And, in the grand tradition of my generation and theirs, I did tech support for him later on, too. He said it was one of the better days of consulting he's had lately.

But outside of the consulting - and the Bears losing the game, which had to be shut-off three-quarters of the way through to "keep them from losing" - everything else went off swimmingly, food and conversation both. I had been worried that with certain recent events, I was going to have to bring out a flamethrower halfway through dinner - N-Q-Uncle is a retired Marine officer, and while he is a very sweet, very deferential man who adores my Aunt, he also tends to Know Everything, especially politically - but that was neatly avoided, and instead I got to bore them by talking about how Tewa grammar works. One of the few times I've been okay to bring up the dissertation recently, woo-hoo!

We left as fat flakes of snow began to fall, all feeling like overstuffed turkeys ourselves. We brought home a ton of leftovers, too, which should make my sister a very happy camper. We got turkey sandwiches for daaaays!

I hope yall had a lovely family day, or if your family is not lovely, managed to avoid them and make your own good day. Time for me to get onto the commerce bits of my job. (Must. Not. Nap. Must. Stay. Awake!)

Nov. 26th, 2014

copper fans

Ten and the 30 Years

So as of this week, one set of my parents (set CP, for those paying attention), have been married to each other for thirty years. It's part of the reason I came back - not just for the holidays, but to celebrate this milestone with them. We did so by having an early Thanksgiving meal, playing family games (my Mom won both rounds of Apples to Apples), watching Clue and all going to bed (in my case, to nap - I had more work to do) kind of early. It was a lovely day, overall!

Being a snot, I had to ask them at trivia the usual "advice" sort of question. My Mom stirred her wine a bit, looked me in the face, and said, "I have no idea."

She later expanded on it a bit, but to be honest, I've come around to the idea lately that "I don't know" is not always the deflection it seems to be, and at least she wasn't pat about it. Something more to mull over in the future, really.

Nov. 25th, 2014

feelin' intellectual

Ten and the Continuation of Bite Sized Posts

Trivia tonight! Mom loves pub trivia at the local sports bar, the one just outside the community I grew up in, and ever since she knew I'd be back and mostly alive on this day, she's been all, "We're going, right? We're going?"

And so we went tonight. Won game 1 by the skin of our teeth, came in second on game 2 due to the medical people not knowing the common name for Hansen's Disease. It's leprosy, BTW, for those who might have their own trivia to participate in in the future. But that's okay, because I muffed up Jethro Tull, Orion Pax, and the spelling of Ryan Reynolds's name.

It has a Y. That was the muff.

But otherwise, fun - and shots, due to winning a round, was had by all. And hopefully, we'll get to go back and redeem ourselves at some soon point in this trip again. Yes, it shall be so.

Nov. 24th, 2014

jar brain w/ wee arms

Ten and the Unexpected Snowstorm

It snowed in Eastern NM.

All this time I've been worried about the Midwest, and in Eastern NM, it snoooows.

That probably shouldn't have made me giggle as much as it did, but it did.

Nov. 23rd, 2014

coyote is so smart!

Ten Really Should Know Better

Dear self,
In this world of information and connection, you should really never run an errand to a store on a busy morning without checking to see if they're open.

SIGH, I sigh at you!

Nov. 22nd, 2014

coyote is so smart!

Ten and the Bathtub

Last night, I went to sleep at a fairly early time for me, which was about 2 in the morning. Given that normally I work and play games through the night and end up in bed closer to 9 am, this was the equivalent of going to bed at, y'know, eight in the evening. But I had a Project meeting this morning, and since there's this trip coming up, I wanted to get some sleep prior to it. .

So of course I woke up at 5:30 or so, wide awake and hungry. I fed myself and settled into read the Internet for a bit, hoping for sleep to return to me. It really didn't, though, which is how I found myself up at 7:15 this morning, scrubbing the bathtub.

Well. It'd been bugging me! And out of all the cleaning tasks I could've done at that time, it was the one that bugged me the most. So no matter how much my stepdad sneers at the rest of the apartment clutter when he comes in, I can at least point to the bathtub and be all, "Hey, I cleaned! And vacuumed!"

Note to self: Be sure to vacuum before you go...

Nov. 21st, 2014

cartoon bleach

Ten and the Lack of Sentences

I keep staring at this blank box and going, "Uh...what do I put here again?"

I guess a to-doom update? Which goes, "So I failed to check off the things I had specifically planned for today, but I did get a bunch of necessary errands done, plus covered myself adequately at work. And I'm back to work tonight, attempting to clean-up some necessary tasks before I go put myself to bed prior to the Project meeting tomorrow."

One of those errands was an oil change, which is one of those pre-car trip necessities that always, for me, marks the moment a trip shifts from "planning" to "all right, we're doing this." New oil! New wipers, in this case! Also they vacuum my car, which is an excellent thing prior to my stepdad showing up.

He will do it again when we get to the Homestead, mind you, because that is his way. I wish more of that had rubbed off on me environmentally, I really do, because then maybe the pick-up in this apartment wouldn't be so much of a pain.

And there is more stuff to do tomorrow and Sunday, and then...vwoosh, off into the darkness we go!

Nov. 20th, 2014


Ten and the Postal Investigation

For the last two weeks, I've spent more time than usual on the phone with UPS and USPS.

Business has kicked up, which is great for the company in general, but also means that there's more questions coming into CS, and a lot of them are about package delivery. Many can be addressed by looking up a tracking number, but when the package is, say, en route to Alaska, and UPS says they dropped it off, but USPS says it never showed up, then I get to step in and start calling people. I am two minds about how much customers like to yell at us personally for their package situation; on the other hand, I am kind of fascinated by the process of getting through to these services and experiencing their CS>

I will say: UPS quoted their tracking info at me, and when I asked for further assistance, hung up on me. USPS will also quote their tracking info at you, but if you do manage to get a person - which is the tricky bit, both at POs and on the help line - they are generally superbly nice and amazingly helpful, even when they can't solve the problem for you right off the bat. I suppose that's the reward for navigating the hurdles of the lovely sounding but difficult to bypass robot USPS has for their phone system.

Yesterday, I had to call into the help line again because there was a package floating around Rochester, NY, and no new scan had been done on it to tell me where it was. Was it in the post office? Was it on the way to somewhere on the East Coast? It hadn't found the recipient, she was still emailing about it. After trying the PO and getting nowhere, I called into the USPS customer service line and, with a little finagling, got an agent. Who took a look the situation and was like, "Looks like you need a postal investigation."

I'm way too much of a fan of the private dick genre not to picture a guy in postal blue trench coat at those words.

But the reality of the situation turned out to be much less fantastical, as it sometimes goes: I gave the USPS guy my phone number, and this morning I got a call from New York that I did not answer because who calls me from New York? Oh. Right. The post office investigator. But he left a pithy message detailing what the resolution to my problem was, left his number if I had anymore questions, and that was it. May all your investigations be so easy, postal investigation guy! And I got to button up a CS issue that'd been bugging me for a week, so it all turned out well in the end.

That is, until something happens while I'm on travel and I get to start the call rounds again. Let us hope that Thanksgiving doesn't jam up the package lines too, too much!

Nov. 19th, 2014

kitten face!

Ten and the Cute Panda in Snow

Snow is a big pain in the ass, I know, especially when a storm drops FEET on people. But despite going through last winter in Indiana - where it alternated between subzero temperatures and days of snow - snow is still something that delights me. Much like wind, which is also something that gets boo-hooed when I bring it up, but I guess that's my troll ancestry speaking there.

And so this video delights me. Look at the panda in snow! He is not sad at all, he is the most adorable panda, all rumbly-tumbly and sledding on bamboo. It's a happy feeling video, yaaay. And I hope yall enjoy it as much as I have.

Nov. 18th, 2014

pretty shoes

Ten and the Product Push

Photography is the bread and butter of working on a shoe website. All the descriptions and product details are important, but it's those photos that are really going to capture what shoes look like, enough to make people go "Oooh, I want a pair of those."

Usually I do this on weekends, but as the photography just came in and got edited, tonight is the time for this product push. Which, in turn, pushes my usual evening activities to the side. There's products to get out there, and I...I am the only one who does it these days.

As a small recompense, here's nine hours of cats purring. I may have to be awake and on task and focused and all those things I keep fighting through yawns to be, but yall don't!

Nov. 17th, 2014

work blah

Ten and the Trip Prep

Because soon, soon, I will fly away on the wings of an Ezio, off to overwinter in a place of actual winter (though it has been cold here! and there was SNOW on Sunday, at least in some parts of the city). There's an anniversary and three holidays jammed into a fairly small space, though, so it just makes sense. Plus my sister is cooking. I'm not gonna miss it when my sister is cooking, though the cats and I may be under the bed while she's in the process of it.

Which means I need to make to-doom lists for trip prep. All the things to be done before I go, all the things! Packing and sorting items for packing and cleaning and laundry for packing and more cleaning and yes some more cleaning on top of that, probably with some more packing. I've done this trip a couple of times now, so you'd think I'd have it down to something like a science, but no, I'm still introducing variations to check and see how they work.

And on top of this, there's work and a Project Meeting this Saturday. So I gots to put in some time before the weekend sucks up every last bit of it into other things.

I've downloaded an app called ToDoist, because the last productivity app I got (Toggl) actually worked out really well, and my old standby system of "WordPad files with things crossed out" didn't really cut it this summer. I'm a little more skeptical of this one, but hey, whatever I can punch a bunch of things into while I remember them to remember them later, probably a good and workable thing for me. I have in there a few tasks for both major projects. I expect yall, fine people of LJ, are going to be hearing a lot about this this week, until I vanish for a day or so and come back woozy and wintry. Yes, it shall be so...

Nov. 16th, 2014

Iroh and tea

Ten and the Buns

Today, unintentionally, I wrote myself a craving.

Sunday nights are Word War nights; a couple of buddies from Tumblr and I get together in a chat room, prompt each other, and write with each other for 15-30 minute streaks (depending on everyone's mood). It's pretty convivial, and there's a lot of laughs and dorkiness to be had.

So there I was, randomly writing along with everyone, when a character handed another character a Chinese menu and said, "They have those buns you like."

And the other character said, "And pork buns, too."

And to myself, I said, "Man, that sounds good."

Then I checked the clock and realized, "Oh hey, the Chinese place is still open. Oh heeeeey..."

So I have pork buns and custard buns now. But not only that, a random bit of Googling produced this recipe, which is for pan-fried steamed buns with eggs and bacon filling. EGGS AND BACON INNA BUN WRAPPER.

I'm gonna try to talk my sister into making these over the holidays.

Nov. 15th, 2014


Ten and the Five Songs From October

'Cause it's the middle of the month, which is the best time to try to remember the exact music you were grooving on in October.

Lucky for me, I have my friend Listen On Repeat, which is a much nicer version of the YouTube Repeater from last year. Along with a lack of ads, it also keeps track of songs you have listened to faaar too much. So without further ado, here's what earwormed the heck out of me last month:

5. Postmodern Jukebox - Maps (Vintage 70s cover) - Ain't nothin' I can do, followin' followin' followin'
It's amazing how even more addicting a song can get when filtered through a completely different style. And that, as it turns out, is Postmodern Jukebox's specialty. Well, that and soul covers of 80s and 90s Cartoons, and if you do some digging, a Motown album of Nickelback covers. Basically these guys are great, and this song is great on top of great, and it's hard to sing any other way at this point.

4. Taylor Swift - Shake It Off - It's like I got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be all right
So...1989...I hear it's pretty good, right? So of course it's the first radio single I can't get out of my head, somewhat because I unironically love the dumb rap section, but also because I like its foreshadowing of what you hear in "Blank Space," too.

3. Ed Sheeran - Don't - I don't want to know that, babe
This would not be the Ed Sheeran of "A Team" or that fsking song that starts out talking about Legos, and for me, that's a really workable change.

2. Mystery Skulls - Ghost - This time I might just disa-
That's the animated video linked there, and it is well worth a watch if you want kind of a 101 template on "How to Start Your Very Own Fandom" (not to mention the good animation and all). The song itself is a super catchy on top of that, and the refrain works really well for grumpy days, which winter is prone to bringing on even in cold-loving trolls like myself.

1. Tove Lo - Habits - Staying in my play pretend, where the fun ain't got no end
I happened to be out driving around one day in time for the Top Five at Five, and this song came on sounding like nothing else on the radio, and all of a sudden it's my wake-up tune and I have it on repeat until I consciously make the choice to switch songs. I got into conversations about it and went to listen to remixes because of that. It's simple and poignant and honest in the way "I'm drowning my sorrows" pop rarely feels, I guess. Or it just came along at the perfect time. Who knows? It really doesn't matter.

I also randomly found a playlist of all the f(x) songs EVAH last month, then promptly lost it due to browser issues. Dangit.

Nov. 14th, 2014

apple booze

Ten and the 23 oz of Beer

Note to everyone going to La Cumbre in Albuquerque.

The regular size for the Slice of Heffen is not a pint. It's 23 oz.

Guess what size the non-beer drinker in the group of got tonight, after enjoying a small 10 oz version of it?


23 oz.


Nov. 13th, 2014


Ten and More Awesome Stuff about Space

I came across these two images today, and felt I needed to tuck them away here for posterity

The path of the Philae

All the space explorations

Nov. 12th, 2014


Ten and the \o/ for Space

One of the cool things about playing so much Destiny is that it's made me pay more attention to space news. I recognize the environments in the game as being from pulp sci-fi, mostly, but because it does have this overlayer of "realism," it's gotten me curious about more of the realism of actual space. So I've found a couple of documentaries on YouTube about the Solar System, and the plan is to dig a little deeper and get myself caught up on the whole of it beyond what I learned in, say, sixth grade science.

And then today, we landed a probe on a comet. Eeeeeeee expanding our knowledge eeeee!

\o/ for space right now. I mean, I'm \o/ for Space most of the time, but it's been sharpened to an acute point. Which - as I've mentioned occasionally to himawari - makes me wonder if Destiny is supposed to be a tool in some ways, one that is meant to sharpen everyone's interest in space.. But that, I think, is a post for another day...

So congrats to the ESA for their fantastic achievement today. Yaaaay space! \o/

Nov. 11th, 2014


Ten and Channeling the Pillow Book

Three natural beauties I have seen of late:

Sunlight in the upper branches of a slowly turning aspen, illuminating the golds to come.

The gradient blue-grey of the morning, stretching in softness from the navy of near night to the cerulean of sun-touched sky.

The moon shining brilliantly behind night time clouds, creating a great crack of silver light over the steady darkness of the mountains.

Nov. 10th, 2014

it eats at you

Ten and the Quiet Morning

For the first time in two weeks, while there were footsteps on the roof this morning, there was no...work.

Mind you, the lady in the front office told me they'd be working until Tuesday. So I may be greeted with one last symphony of pounds and clanks and BANGS tomorrow morning.

But here's hoping there's finally, finally, some morning peace and quiet.

Nov. 9th, 2014

doom ki-chan

Ten and the Cryptic Wish

DISCLAIMER: This is not about LJ folks.

Man, I'd really like to punch you in the face.

Or rather, I would like you to give you a moment of clarity, a moment through the eyes of those around you, who care about you no matter what you think and really hate to see you disintegrate like this. Who enjoy your company when you're not drunk and obnoxious. Who just want you to be okay.

But barring magic psychic powers, and given my lack of a grip on words lately, that's probably not going to happen in a nice, peaceful fashion.

So a punch in the face it is. More metaphorical than physical, but--yeah,

Nov. 8th, 2014

my brain is chock full o'this

Ten and the Pigeons, Redux

As it is product push night and I have a pile of work to get through, this must needs be a short entry for the night.

In essence, it is this: after my encounter with the pigeon earlier this week, the next time I went down to the car, it was absolutely covered in bird shit.

Now, there have been roofers up on the roof working for the past two weeks to replace it. While I am not sure if the pigeons nest on my building, they certainly nest on the next building over, so it's a good chance they are on my roof as well. So the bird shit, probably more likely a displacement thing than, y'know, a case of Godpigeon revenge. Correlation is not causation and all that.

But it's hard to fight that natural mental response - especially when you're a narrative junkie like I am - to think, "Ahh. I see how it goes."

Nov. 7th, 2014

Against the red she stands

Ten and the Secret Places

Today, I ended up in a French-style bakery in Albuquerque.

It is a place called "Le Chantilly," and upon walking in, I was struck by how large it was. Not only was there a display case of sandwiches and other finger foods in front of me, along with a baked goods case to the right, there was a whole little café in the back. My buddy and I were supposed to be on a way to a Project meeting, but she had had the kind of day that needed their take on Oreos, a sort of café mocha creme sandwich treat worth every bite. I obliged - I like to visiting new places like that.

Later, during the lunch portion of the meeting, I took a picture of the bag and sent it off to R00t. "Delicious! Ever been?" I asked.

"Nope, where is it?" she asked.

I gave instructions, with the addendum of "They have croissant everything." And they did - Carne Adovada croissants, Green Chile croissants, and probable croissant combinations of the two. Among others! Really, I wanted to get a sandwich then and there, but they were a wee bit pricey and we were short on minutes. Besides, that sort of café setting, it's fun to explore with friends.

Much like the tea shop next to the place where I tend to vote. Which, this year, opened its doors so that the owner could bring out little samples of Peppermint Bark tea to us, chilled by the sidewalk breeze. It, too, is much bigger than I thought, looking like a literal fairy land of tea. Also, someone in line mentioned that they have tea and scones times, but not only that, they have a selection of hats to try on during those times.

Any place that provides a selection of hats for tea - even if they're only for the young girls - gets high marks in my book.

It's my kneejerk response to always ask people about these places when I encounter them, which I suppose is a passive way of spreading it. "Have you heard of such-and-such?" I will ask. "It looks really neat." If they do know, I will learn a thing. If they don't, they may learn a thing, and we both may be spurred to further adventure.

...I wish I could come up with some sort of high unifying theme here, but I got nuttin'. Just a few of those Oreos to munch on later, and a few new places marked on my internal map.

Nov. 6th, 2014


Ten and the Hole in the Ceiling

Ah, this week.

So they've been working on the roof for the past two weeks. This has involved, it seems, small hammers and big hammers and sledgehammers right over my bed when I want to sleep. Well, this is not the roofers' fault; they start their work at eight, like normal people. That's just when I'm trying to sleep, like the non-normal person I am. So it goes.

But as it turns out, when the roof is barely above your ceiling, and they get energetic with their pounding, welp...things happen.

Especially when your ceiling leaked before, but they weren't going to come in and fix it until they'd finished the external roof. Which, again, sensible - it's a scheduling thing. I certainly thought it wasn't going to be a problem.

But, y'know, now I have a hole in my ceiling.

On the other hand, I get to go into the apartment office and put a chunk of plaster on the manager's desk. Which should be interesting for the both of us.

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