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It must be said, every year~

Beware the IDES OF MARCH!

Though generally not so late in the day, but I should've beworn March period, it seems. The trees are all in bloom! Why do the insides of my ears suddenly feel swollen? ...ah.
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Snark and Pain

Ten and the Time Zones

I have a cold. Or the start of one, I'm not really sure; I woke up with a sinus headache and a sore throat, but both of those things have receded, and so it may just be a...temporary swelling of the nasal passages? A reaction to the weather heating up by, like, twenty degrees overnight? Who knows. It just is, and time will tell if it stays as is or becomes something more.

This is not helping with the time zone confusion.

I'm in Central, now. I live in Mountain, normally. That's a one hour difference. It really feels like I should not have this much of an issue with a one hour difference.

Except that sometimes I forget to do a bounce between conversions in my head, or when I'm using a device whose time I don't change.

Say my buddy Wolfy, in EST, calls me as he gets off work to see if I want to game tonight. Often in MST, this will happen about 11:00, 11:15. However, if I try to carry those hours over to CST, then he would probably be calling a bit after midnight. However, my brain - cold or not - tends to forget that last bounce of "hour forward!" in calculating things, and then I become super confused about this whole phone call thing 'cause wait, isn't it a bit late? But no! I'm just late! It's just on me!

I don't change the time or time zone for the 360, either. Often, this means I'll ask Vlad or Susie, depending on who is online, what the time is. Because it is too hard to remember what to add.

I would like to be all, "All of this will get straightened out within a week!" but truth be told...I'm not sure if it will. Eh-heh. ^^;;;
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Ten and Taking the Dog on Car Rides

Bayer is a Lab/Chow mix belonging to my sister. He is, in house terms, the Big Dog, though he's a compact 70 or so pounds. He is fluffy and sweet (if sometimes an asshole), and the fur of his face lays flat in such a way that his eyes, aside from being large and brown, have remarkable expression to them. There is a certain amount of cat to him, it feels like: he likes to wedge himself into small spaces, and he'll come seeking affection sometimes and have a certain aloofness at others. He is, overall, a Good Boy, even if he sheds large black clumps of fur and really would like to chase my cat Athena down more than just the hallway.

On Tuesday, when I awoke to the world again, I took him on a car ride.

It was just a short trot out with the car, a bit like walkies for Ezio, and I figured since I took the dog's spot by showing up, I might as well take him for a drive, because he looooves drives. He even knows the right seats to sit in and everything, as he joined me in the front seat, face permanently wedged out the window. He even got a surprise biscuit for coming along with me.

Of course, now that it happened once, it can happen again, right? So when I step outside for "terrain appreciation" or what have you, Bayer is there with me. He trots right out and up to the car and gives me a look like, "We're going, right?"

...I almost took him out last night, except I didn't know when my sister would be home, and disturbing the routine of her homecoming by taking her dog would've caused some friction. But he enjoys them, and I enjoy - in a weird, undefineable way - the company. Even if it means open windows in cold weather and some very strict speed limits.

Ten and the Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! Despite the origins of Turkey Day, I enjoy it an awful lot; holidays in my family tend to be kind of low-key as it is, but Turkey Day is even easier than that, usually. Plus I generally get to see my stepdad's side of the family, who are adorable and a little bit snarky and not terribly serious about things, which makes for a pretty chill dinner.

The dinner - well, lunch, really - was at my Aunt and Not-Quite-Uncle's, and when we walked in, half of the family was on Skype. And as me, Mom and Stepdad got settled, N-Q-Uncle was like, "Hey, wanna take a look at these long medical reports?"

Within five minutes, my parents + Aunt and N-Q-Uncle were clustered around my laptop as my Mom explained what each CT scan showed, all the while the grandparents were talking to their youngins by Skype in the next room.

N-Q-Uncle later got a consult from Uncle S about financial stuff. And, in the grand tradition of my generation and theirs, I did tech support for him later on, too. He said it was one of the better days of consulting he's had lately.

But outside of the consulting - and the Bears losing the game, which had to be shut-off three-quarters of the way through to "keep them from losing" - everything else went off swimmingly, food and conversation both. I had been worried that with certain recent events, I was going to have to bring out a flamethrower halfway through dinner - N-Q-Uncle is a retired Marine officer, and while he is a very sweet, very deferential man who adores my Aunt, he also tends to Know Everything, especially politically - but that was neatly avoided, and instead I got to bore them by talking about how Tewa grammar works. One of the few times I've been okay to bring up the dissertation recently, woo-hoo!

We left as fat flakes of snow began to fall, all feeling like overstuffed turkeys ourselves. We brought home a ton of leftovers, too, which should make my sister a very happy camper. We got turkey sandwiches for daaaays!

I hope yall had a lovely family day, or if your family is not lovely, managed to avoid them and make your own good day. Time for me to get onto the commerce bits of my job. (Must. Not. Nap. Must. Stay. Awake!)
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Ten and the 30 Years

So as of this week, one set of my parents (set CP, for those paying attention), have been married to each other for thirty years. It's part of the reason I came back - not just for the holidays, but to celebrate this milestone with them. We did so by having an early Thanksgiving meal, playing family games (my Mom won both rounds of Apples to Apples), watching Clue and all going to bed (in my case, to nap - I had more work to do) kind of early. It was a lovely day, overall!

Being a snot, I had to ask them at trivia the usual "advice" sort of question. My Mom stirred her wine a bit, looked me in the face, and said, "I have no idea."

She later expanded on it a bit, but to be honest, I've come around to the idea lately that "I don't know" is not always the deflection it seems to be, and at least she wasn't pat about it. Something more to mull over in the future, really.
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Ten and the Continuation of Bite Sized Posts

Trivia tonight! Mom loves pub trivia at the local sports bar, the one just outside the community I grew up in, and ever since she knew I'd be back and mostly alive on this day, she's been all, "We're going, right? We're going?"

And so we went tonight. Won game 1 by the skin of our teeth, came in second on game 2 due to the medical people not knowing the common name for Hansen's Disease. It's leprosy, BTW, for those who might have their own trivia to participate in in the future. But that's okay, because I muffed up Jethro Tull, Orion Pax, and the spelling of Ryan Reynolds's name.

It has a Y. That was the muff.

But otherwise, fun - and shots, due to winning a round, was had by all. And hopefully, we'll get to go back and redeem ourselves at some soon point in this trip again. Yes, it shall be so.
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Ten and the Bathtub

Last night, I went to sleep at a fairly early time for me, which was about 2 in the morning. Given that normally I work and play games through the night and end up in bed closer to 9 am, this was the equivalent of going to bed at, y'know, eight in the evening. But I had a Project meeting this morning, and since there's this trip coming up, I wanted to get some sleep prior to it. .

So of course I woke up at 5:30 or so, wide awake and hungry. I fed myself and settled into read the Internet for a bit, hoping for sleep to return to me. It really didn't, though, which is how I found myself up at 7:15 this morning, scrubbing the bathtub.

Well. It'd been bugging me! And out of all the cleaning tasks I could've done at that time, it was the one that bugged me the most. So no matter how much my stepdad sneers at the rest of the apartment clutter when he comes in, I can at least point to the bathtub and be all, "Hey, I cleaned! And vacuumed!"

Note to self: Be sure to vacuum before you go...
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Ten and the Lack of Sentences

I keep staring at this blank box and going, "Uh...what do I put here again?"

I guess a to-doom update? Which goes, "So I failed to check off the things I had specifically planned for today, but I did get a bunch of necessary errands done, plus covered myself adequately at work. And I'm back to work tonight, attempting to clean-up some necessary tasks before I go put myself to bed prior to the Project meeting tomorrow."

One of those errands was an oil change, which is one of those pre-car trip necessities that always, for me, marks the moment a trip shifts from "planning" to "all right, we're doing this." New oil! New wipers, in this case! Also they vacuum my car, which is an excellent thing prior to my stepdad showing up.

He will do it again when we get to the Homestead, mind you, because that is his way. I wish more of that had rubbed off on me environmentally, I really do, because then maybe the pick-up in this apartment wouldn't be so much of a pain.

And there is more stuff to do tomorrow and Sunday, and then...vwoosh, off into the darkness we go!